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Digital Printing Revolution!


As digital printing techniques are widespread today more than ever, they’ve become the most popular chosen mode of producing a range of printed documents. Nevertheless, as it replaces the more traditional methods of printing, most people don’t actually know how digital printing works. Digital printing services is made possible due to the rapid development of technology, such as computers, printers and readily-available desktop publishing software.

Digital printing creates sharp images and text as it’s the most accurate form of printing. Of the ways this clarity is achieved by digital printing is through the four-colour process – by separating all the colours into CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta and black). These colour are printed onto the medium as a series of tiny dots that create blocks and shades of colour. These types of colour combinations are capable of creating millions of shades and tones, thus enabling digital printing processes to capture the true picture.

When digital printing was at its beginning stages, there were some unfavourable comparisons to other forms of printing, such as lithographic, when comparing each process’s quality and output. Nowadays, however, digital printing services have taken off and exceed most traditional techniques in terms of quality and versatility. Digital printing is able to capture more complex images and graphics, as well as photographs.

The beauty of digital printing is how accessible it is – for both the business and the personal sphere. When an image is created on a computer, or by a digital camera, it’s saved on to a digital file that converts the image to a digital format. When this file is forwarded to a digital printing services company, like Docklands Press, the technology and the process ensure that the printed edges and the image is clear and sharp.